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    Your questions answered! 

    ❤️ How do I contact Chrissy from Ministering Printables?

    You can email me anytime at chrissy@ministeringprintables.com.

    I respond to all emails within 24 hours.

    ❤️ What if I can't download my printables after purchase?

    No problemo. Just email me at chrissy@ministeringprintables.com. 

    I'll email them to you. 

    ❤️ How do I open a zipped file? 


    1. Download the file onto your computer

    2. If you are on a mac, just click on it twice and it will automatically unzip. If you are a pc, right click, then scroll down to "extract," "extract all," or "uncompress." 

    3. Look for a new file with that same name and that will be your unzipped file.

    ❤️ I purchased something but how do I get it?

    Right after purchase, you will see a button that you can push that will allow you to download your printables. 

    You will also get an email with your receipt. You can push the download button on that email and you will be able to download your printables from there as well. 

    And of course, you can always email me at chrissy@ministeringprintables.com, and I will email them to you. 

    ❤️ I bought something, but it wasn't what I expected or I can't use it like I was hoping. What should I do?

    Email me at chrissy@mininsteringprintables.com.

    I'll give you a full refund. ;) 

    ❤️ Can YOU print and mail me the printables? I don't have a printer. 

    Sorry, at this time all my printables are digital downloads only. This means that you will need to print them. 

    ❤️ When I print them, they don't look awesome. Suggestions?

    I highly suggest that you print pdfs at a copy store like Office Max/Depot. 

    Jpgs print best when printed from a photo lab, such as Costco, Walmart, etc.

    If you are printing at home, make sure your printer layout is correct (i.e. landscape, portrait) and that you have your printer settings set to the highest quality possible.

    ❤️ Can I change/modify your printables? 

    Nope. Sorry, I work really hard on these printables and I ask that you respect my work and don't change or modify them without permission. 

    ❤️ Can I mass produce your printables and sell them online or in a store. 


    ❤️ Can I make a whole bunch of copies for my ward or stake members?


    Please, do not share the files, modify my work, or sell them in any way. But I truly hope you can use them to bless the lives of the members of your ward or stake.

    ❤️ Question?

    Email me anytime at chrissy@ministeringprintables.com.