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     Can you relate?

    You want to magnify your church calling. But let’s face it, you’re a volunteer without formal training. You do your best but you can’t help but wonder if it’s enough.
    You want to show the sisters on your ministering route that you care, but you don’t really know them. You feel so awkward just showing up on someone’s door for the first time without any formal introductions.
    You see families in church where the kids are actually sitting, and not climbing under pews and throwing cheerios at each other, and you wonder how in the world they do it.
    You want a home where people feel safe, loved and inspired. You want to surround your family with goodness, but you can’t afford tons of expensive artwork so you just make do with your kids’ art and Aunt Lou’s cross stitch.
    You love giving meaningful gifts to your friends and family but are tired of re-gifting another bath bomb. You want to give gifts that encourage, inspire, show love, and don’t break the bank.
    You would LOVE to have fun with your kids, and not just be a teacher/lecturer. You want your kids to have great childhood memories, but most days you are just trying to get the basics done without eating the whole Costco-sized bag of chocolate chips you have stashed the closet.

    I totally get it.

    You’re not alone, my friend.

    I believe YOU can fulfill your most important callings at home and church. I believe YOU can teach, minister, and inspire those around you in a meaningful way. And printables can help.

    Yes, really. Printables!

    Printables are all around us. They come in the form of posters, invitations, banners, coloring pages, lesson handouts, gift tags, bookmarks, and cards. But it can be tricky to find a printable that is both pretty and has a meaningful purpose.

    I make printables so that Latter-day Saint women can fulfill their callings beautifully and easily.

    Imagine feeling totally confident when the Relief Society president gives you a new sister on your ministering route because you know you can give that sister a lovely little piece of art that she would be pleased to put on her fridge. Imagine putting your contact information on the back so she knows you genuinely care, and she knows exactly how to get ahold of you for a play date, or in an emergency, or just to chat. 

    Imagine going to church with a bag stocked full of fun games and coloring pages so your kids can have something engaging to do while you listen to the speakers.  

    Imagine a home full of beautiful, inspirational quotes that remind your family of what is truly important in life.

    Imagine a family home evening where the kids are excited because you are playing a game that is fun, yet still teaches gospel principles.

    That's what you get when you shop at Teepee Girl!


     About Chrissy...

    -When my parents got married, they lived in a teepee. (It was Wyoming during the 70s. What can I say?) When my mom got pregnant with my older brother, my dad built a small log cabin (it was more like a shed since it was 8 feet wide and 20 feet long), and that’s where I was raised.

    (Whenever I tell this story, it sounds super weird unless you were from the midwest in the 1970s. Then the response is “oh, you were one of those people.” Apparently, there were quite a few teepee dwellers around back then. Who knew?)


    -I lived for the better part of my childhood without running water or electricity. But I am not fond of that lifestyle. I love my washer, dryer, fridge, dishwasher, and wi-fi too much.

    -Today I live in Utah with my husband and three girls. We are so thankful for adoption and modern medicine that has allowed us to bring our family together.


    -Besides my family, my favorite things include chocolate, naps, weekends, yard sales, and clean, romantic fiction.